The Albert/Gumbo/Kunstler Surveillance Case— an Ulster County FBI Warrantless Entry Operation from the 1970s Woodstockers are rightly concerned about the surveillance and Cointelpro-esque potential under the regime of Attorney General Ashcroft. Here's a chrono-track from our files on the early and mid-1970s, before FBI practices such as these, done without the supervision of any court at all, were made illegal. Now, of course, the Patriot Act has restored some of the ghastly police state practices of the American Secret Police. November, 1974 Several times that year the last being in November —apparently there were five or six— FBI agents “staged warrantless entries” into a cabin off Hurley Mountain Road near Kingston, NY rented by activists Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo Putatively the break-ins were to investigate “Capbom” and “Penbom” the bombing of the Capitol and the Pentagon (done by the SDS Weatherman faction) plus the FBI opined that Stew/Gumb were perhaps harboring Weather Underground fugitives, as well as Abbie Hoffman They put electronic listening devices in the cabin Stew and Judy, by 1978, were suing the gov’t for $10 million The FBI acquired their local bank records & addresses of all correspondence from “local postal officials” & used informers to keep them “under watch.” Their attorneys in lawsuit, as of 1978 were Michael Ratner & Paul Chevigny (The NY Civil Liberties Union & the Center for Constitutional Rights were involved. Wooodstock Times 12-2-76 NY Times 6-27-78) December, 1975 attorney William Kunstler & attorney Margaret Ratner noticed weird clickings on Kunstler’s phone in Ulster County and “women taking their pictures in a neighborhood bar” and there was found attached to the car of house guests Stew Albert and Judith Clavir a battery-operated tracking device So the four sued some police agencies and the weekend of June 18, 1976 the Justice Department, Edward Levi as AG & Clarence Kelley as FBI director notified them in a three-page response that on December 11, 1975 “a tracking device was installed by agents of the FBI in a vehicle registered to plaintiff Clavir.” The FBI/Justice Dept denied any phone tap or about the bar photos but said “certain of the plaintiffs have been subject from time to time to mail covers or physical surveillance.” (New York Post Wednesday 6-23-76) There was an article by John Crewdson in The New York Times around Nov. ’76 which described an operation apparently called “Weather Fug” apparently an effort to locate Weather Underground “fugitives.” Stew and Judy were living in Hurley, off Hurley Mountain Road & were suing the FBI for burglary of their home, mail cover, car tracker, and “illegal electronic surveillance.” (Woodstock Times, 11-11-76) Mid-November 1976 A deposition from a Ms. Schufeldt, postmistress of Hurley, and Ms. Pece, an employee of the p.o. there that they had, illegally, copied the texts of postcards, copied down records of incoming/outgoing mail of Gumbo/Albert and sent the data to FBI agents Jack H. Lupton of Hurley Heights & George T. Twaddle of Elmendorf Drive in Hurley And it also came out that the FBI monitored the couple’s bank accounts at Kingston Trust Trust officials said FBI had said that Stew and Judy were connected with members of the Weather Underground Banks auditor Mr. Troop xeroxed checks and personally delivered them to the Kingston FBI office (Note: we're not certain what happened to the law suit; we'll contact Mr. Alpert and find out) In the meantime, it's important for American citizens to stand up against reimposition of aspects of the illegal secret police practices of the past.. `